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I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years engrossed in my work spending much of that time at a frenized pace and wrapped up in the priorities set for my position – mostly by others. This blog started as a way for me to write about and enjoy again some of the things that I love doing, but have seriously neglected in my life. It’s rapidly becoming much more to me…


With my return to writing, I’ve found a voice again in my own life. I’ve given myself permission to pursue my own path, regardless of whether it is practical or realistic, and to shed the (real and perceived) expectations of others. I’ve lived this way before, but I took a detour away from this approach to cultivating my life. Why? I’m not entirely sure, but I’m not sure that it matters either. Maybe clarity will come in time. What matters is the ability to keep this focus in the future.


As I mentioned previously, changes are afoot. Some are technical, but all will reflect this shift (or return) in my mentality and my commitment to living a life that gives pride of place to enjoying the things I’ve written about here.  The blog changes will also broaden the scope by following my ongoing process of living a cultivated life full of passion and meaning.


I’m expecting to roll out the redesigned, reimagined blog around Labor Day – fitting since it’s the fruit of much labor! – but the details are still somewhat in flux. Thank you for bearing with me through this transition. I hope you will enjoy the results.


Sincere thanks,


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Changes Coming

I’ve been a little quiet online lately… The beginning of last week was a little like a rollercoaster for my family so I unplugged.

I’m back on twitter, but won’t be back here because I’m making some changes to my blog – redesign, self hosting, and rebranding. A pretty complete change!

I look forward to it rolling out in the next few weeks and getting back on track with writing very soon!


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