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AFP & CPN Photo Booth 5-9-2009Thanks to Clotilde of Chocolate & Zuchini for spreading the word (via twitter) about this beautifully written and photographed post – Getting What You Need, and The Very Best Lunch.  As you can tell from the comments, everyone loved it.


I couldn’t agree more.  There’s is nothing like spending time with an old friend…  Many of my best friends are scattered across the country, including  my sister, so it was wonderful to spend time with her this weekend.  Babies and all!  Although it was especially nice to steal away to Nordstrom just the two of us for some shopping and some laughs! 


I’m excited to have found Pink of Perfection(a thrifty girl’s guide to la dolce vita) in the process…  Not only do I enjoy her aesthetic, but the author Sarah McColl grew up in Dallas!  If she can really throw a lasso, then I’m even more impressed!


These pictures were taken during the photo both promotion from Little Black Booth at Paper & Chocolate , my mom’s store, for Mother’s Day. Imagine them attached to a beautiful letterpress Mother’s Day card.  We loved the promotion, as you can tell.  What a great idea for parties, charity events, and weddings.  So much fun. (I’m on the left. My sister Christine is on the right.)


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