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Summer Garden

Here’s some pictures I took over the weekend of my backyard…  All the work put in last spring, is definitely starting to pay off!


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Basil.  My favorite.

Basil. My favorite.


Today’s post at The Cook’s Atelier captures my sentiments about kitchen gardens exactly.  I choose to:  Dig in the dirt.  Eat real food.  Mostly plants (from around here). In a beautiful, conscious way.

This is truly my first foray into a real garden.  My previous attempts have been limited to “container gardens” on apartment patios starring mint who can live through almost anything the Texas sun can dish out and basil who is clearly more difficult to grow, but my enduring favorite.  Last May I bought a two bedroom house in a little known neighborhood very close to downtown (and to my office).  It has a pretty good sized yard with very big beds for lots of planting, which was a huge draw. 

It’s been a learning experience to say the least, and Google has been a great teacher.  How to harvest arugala, how to care for cauliflower, how to figure out my hardiness zone…  There is plenty more for me to learn, but here’s a look into my garden right now.  So far I’ve enjoyed eating from my nascent kitchen garden.  I ‘m excited about a new season and what’s to come.

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