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Pleasure is a sin, but sinning is a pleasure.

We know the least about those we love the most.

Given the right chance, women are capable of anything.

From the little love notes included in my Baci chocolates. You won’t see any candy in the pictures below because I ate them!

 Baci Perguina Wrappers


Chocolate and hazelnuts is one of my favorite combinations.  So I loved Baci chocolates from the first taste and Nutella, but that’s an entirely different (French) post!  I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that you can tour the Perugina factory, which is near Perguia, Umbria.  I discovered this tour while watching Giada’s Italian Holiday on the Food Network.  Here’s a review of the The Sweetest Tour in Italy post from the Slow Travel Italy website. 


More Wrappers


You can buy Baci chocolates online at Ditalia: The Essences for Your Italian Kitchen.  They’re also available in many gourment grocery stores, including World Market, and online at Amazon, but I couldn’t resist including Ditalia because it’s such a great site!  Check out all the great Italian things you can get from them!


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